Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspiration LA, A State of Vintage

You have to have a die hard passion for vintage when you're in attendance at Inspiration LA. I had a new appreciation for different types of vintage as I wandered through the event taking photos. I liked the mix of vendors and how many were geared toward men, surfing and motorbikes--rather than just girly pieces from back in the day. Many of the jeans and leather booths had vintage motorbikes, sewing machines, shoe horns or other interesting and extremely photographic items. It was an fun event, with live music and snacks (I particularly enjoyed the cans of wasabi peas given out). The Inspiration LA event was held at the Queen Mary, a beautiful location where one could wander the decks of the ship in search of a ghost or a stiff drink while taking a break from vintage overload heaven.

Inspiration LA consisted of three levels of various vendors and was put together by Rin Studios. Delving into the different aspects of vintage made for an entertaining evening and was esthetically pleasing (especially upon discovery of unique pieces--like the silk tiger print dress and beige lace dress). The people in attendance ranged the gambit and many were dressed in their own vintage style--I loved the men wearing rolled blue jeans and vintage leather lace-up boots. Another booth I very much enjoyed was vintage denim with purposely stained pink suspenders--quite a statement. Although they were obviously intended for men, I wanted to buy the pink suspenders! I left the event very pleased with the state of vintage and with a great antique looking locket by Lux Revival.

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